On Your First Day

Your first day involves a medical assessment with Associate Professor Singh. This thorough examination determines whether the program can help with your current medical conditions or determine if there is a reason that would make the program unsafe for you.

You will undergo a comprehensive medical assessment and physical examination including a screening ECG.

Please allow 90 minutes for your initial consultation and arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment in order to register.

On your first day you will need :

  • Your medical referral – from your Specialist and General Practitioner
  • Your Medicare Card
  • A list of your current medications and doses
  • Any test results (bloods, X-rays or CT’s) which relate to your health
  • Your reading glasses

After your initial appointment you will be scheduled for an assessment day usually requiring about 2 hrs where you may see a dietician, including diseases and physiology measurements. As part of the assessment process you may be required to complete a number of written questionnaires, some walking and balance tests and a strength test. Therefore comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict movement and flat soled shoes are ideal.

At the completion of the medical assessment, exercise training and testing days and times along with future medical appointments will be made.