Which patients are appropriate to refer?

  • A patient of any age suffering from any of the following disorders including: Arthritis (Osteo- & Rheumatoid), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Cancer, Stable Congestive Heart Failure, Depression, Diabetes, Difficulty with Mobility or Gait and Balance Problems, Falls, Frailty, Functionally Impaired, Heart Disease, Hip Fracture, HIV, Insomnia, Joint Replacement, Loss of Appetite or Weight Loss, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Recent Hospitalisation with Functional Decline, Steroid Treatment, Stroke, Transplants, Use of Multiple Medications.
  • There are many misconceptions about the type and intensity of exercise that is appropriate and beneficial for older adults. We would ask that you not give your patients any fixed ideas about the kind of exercise they can or should do until they undergo a full evaluation with our staff.

How is this different from referring someone to a Physiotherapist?

  • The Centre for STRONG Medicine provides an exercise prescription that is fully integrated into a multi-disciplinary Geriatric Medical Management plan. In contrast to Physiotherapy, which is time-limited and often not integrated into the rest of their medical care, we see exercise as a necessary component of the treatment of your patients’ targeted diseases for the rest of their lives.
  • We offer the combined expertise of a Consultant Geriatrician and Associate Professor of Exercise and Sports Medicine prescribing and supervising the exercise and dealing with any injuries or medical issues as they arise referral outside for medical issues which affect exercise are dealt with on site

What sort of benefits should patients expect?

  • This will be variable based on the patients underlying condition(s) and duration and frequency of exercise training. On average, over the first three months we expect a 30-40% improvement in strength, balance, mood and quality of life.
  • Overall pain is reduced and mood improved. Disease-specific benefits can be variable, depending on both the stage of the disease and underlying physiology of the individual. Additional information can be found on our achievements page or download the STRONG 36 months Report here.

What should I tell the patients about the Centre?

  • The Centre for STRONG Medicine, Pymble, has the most experienced people in Australia who are also internationally recognised managing their care.
  • Associate Professor Singh will assess and screen each person thoroughly, giving a detailed medical opinion in addition to implementing the exercise program.
  • Over 250,000 individual exercise sessions have been conducted with no deaths heart attacks or strokes. We have summarised adverse events here.
  • A combination of balance, weight training and aerobic exercise most appropriate for the individuals condition(s) will be used in the future.
  • All appointment times are scheduled.
  • When first commencing the exercise training, the body will take awhile to adjust to the new level of activity. Some soreness the day after a training session doesn’t mean the exercise is too hard, it is a sign it is working as it should and this will lessen over time as the body adjusts.
  • It is important to train for at least three months before benefits can be seen. They may feel changes well before that but it is important not to become discouraged by a lack of perceived change prior to this.
  • As the persons primary and trusted doctor, it is helpful to reinforce compliance by asking about the training at every office visit.

What should I tell the patient to expect on their first day?

  • See our “On your first day” page.
  • We also have a pamphlet that can be downloaded and printed which answers the most frequently asked questions.

What information and benefits do I get from my patients attending the Centre?

  • The initial assessment by Associate Professor Nalin Singh combines a general geriatric and general medicine consultation in addition to the formulation and integration of their tailored exercise prescription. You will receive a written summary of the consultation.

What are the Costs involved?

  • Initial consultation with Associate Professor Singh will require a payment of $200 over the Medicare reimbursement.
  • Follow up visits and frequency will vary Training sessions are $45 a session. We request payment for the exercise sessions monthly.

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