“To Cure Sometimes, To Relieve Often, To Care Always.”
– Ambroise Paré

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The Centre for STRONG Medicine is my clinical practice. It is based on 20 years of my research and the research of other leaders in the field. I have trained at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Harvard Medical School as a physician in aged care, specialising in exercise and sports science. In my practice, I have treated over 10,000 people with all forms of chronic diseases and the problems of ageing using the STRONG model.

What I am offering at the Centre has been trialled and tested in over 20 years of exercise training. I have shown this to be safe, effective and superior to the standard care offered by geriatricians(see research and clinical results). This is a unique geriatric practice not available elsewhere with the combination of medical management and your exercise or rehabilitation program.

Associate Professor Nalin Singh.

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  • “Before I was referred to The Centre For Strong Medicine I had lost all hope of ever seeing any improvement in my medical condition. Thanks to the comprehensive program developed by Professor Singh and with the help and guidance of his skilled staff, I have now resumed an active lifestyle having improved my physical strength and posture along with my mental health. I can’t thank all of them enough.”

    – BOB

    “After our Mum spent nearly six months in hospital with heart-related complications, we feel very lucky to have found Strong Medicine.

    Under the careful supervision of Prof Nalin Singh and his skilled team of medical professionals, not only has her physical strength improved but she has regained confidence and independence in her everyday life.”


  • On the recommendation of, and referral by, my general medical practitioner I have been attending since June 2019 The Centre for Strong Medicine at 37 Ryde Road Pymble for twice weekly exercise physiology sessions conducted by Associate Professor Nalin Singh and his team.

    I am 73 years of age and, apart from other ailments, I Suffer from Parkinson’s disease for which my neurologist and GP felt exercise physiology might be beneficial.

    Although I play golf one or two times per week and play tennis once a week, the exercise physiology sessions add a degree of supervised resistance training (gym work) to my regime which does appear to be beneficial to my sense of well-being.

    In addition, the staff at Strong Medicine are kind and caring people with the well-being of their patients foremost among their considerations.

    – JB (11th November 2019)

  • “Although in my mid-nineties I have received considerable health benefits from my attendance at the The Clinic for Strong Medicine over these past months. All of the staff manifest clearly a perception of expertise and, at the same time, have indicated a keen interest in the welfare and progress of each individual client. The general tone throughout the establishment inspires one with a confidence in the science of the treatments and this, coupled with an atmosphere of encouragement from the staff at all levels, has rendered the experience very worthwhile.”


    “The team at the centre have been fantastic, giving support and encouragement at every session, while constantly checking that I am using each exercise machine correctly with a view to help me achieve great results. The one on one personal monitoring that they provide is of great benefit and appreciated.

    I have no hesitation in recommending the Centre of Strong Medicine to anyone needing rehabilitation.”


Our Mission

The mission of The Centre for STRONG Medicine is to provide what is frequently missing in aged and disability care.

  • To meet our patients changing needs with continuity, a minimum of complexity and always with care.
  • To provide exercise as a core treatment for chronic disease.
  • To evolve with the care needs of the ageing patient with continuity


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